Winter Fireworks Photography
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Thursday, November 22, 2018
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Fireworks are most commonly associated with summer time in Japan, the final performance of a day dedicated to festival games, food, and frivolity, but winter fireworks photography is just as remarkable, and your Japan Dreamscapes (JDS) Photo Workshop leader will introduce you to one such amazing winter fireworks extravaganza.


Equidistant from Mt. Fuji and one hour from Tokyo, the city of Atami in Shizuoka Prefecture is coastal gem for winter time photo tours.  Two times in the month of December, Atami hosts a fireworks spectacular, and the topography of the city, being enclosed by mountain ranges on three sides, makes the fireworks resound as if you were sitting in a stadium enjoying an acoustically perfect performance.


However, beyond the sound, you can enjoy the unfettered intensity of the fireworks display.  You may think that you can take a break during the firework show, but your JDS Photo Tour guide knows that in Atami city, the fireworks are non-stop until the finale, so be prepared to take shot after shot of the resplendent fireworks of all shapes and sizes!  The Atami Fireworks Display culminates with what is referred to in English as the “Niagara Falls in the Sky.”  You won’t have to imagine the beauty recreated in the sky of the amazing waterfalls, you can witness the fireworks and take pictures to commemorate the tour forever.


Your JDS Photo Workshop Guide will use his years of experience in Japan and in the areas around Shizuoka to help use the natural landscapes and seascapes to make your once in a lifetime photos even more spectacular.  The time is now to book your tour, so contact us!

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