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Tuesday, December 04, 2018
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Wildlife Photography Tours have the potential to be absolutely phenomenal for visiting photographers to Japan.  The only concern is actually capturing the wildlife that you are chasing.  For example, the Red Ezo Fox of Hokkaido is quite particular about the hunting grounds it will patrol as well as the times when it will poke its head of its den to begin hunting.  This is where your Japan Dreamscapes (JDS) photo tour leader will use his years of experience in the field chasing the perfect photograph to help make your wildlife photo tour dreams into reality.  


The mother foxes give birth to their kits in the early spring, so by autumn, there is potential  to see young adults recently broken away from their mothers and hunting independently for the first season.  If you see a young adult or a full grown Ezo Red Fox, you will marvel at their lustrous red coat and witness the contrast of their fur and the stark whites and blacks of their surroundings. 


Having spent more than 20 years in Japan, certain photographic variables become controllable.  Years of experience means your JDS photo tour guide knows the best locations or has logged some close encounters with the foxes and other wildlife and has become more familiar with the best locations to capture the subject.  Even in the absence of wildlife, the winter in Hokkaido yields so many winter landscape photo ops that you can see the winter forests, where the leaves have been replaced with a thick layers of snow, beauty manifested in an entirely different manner.


The fox is only one of the many types of wildlife that call Hokkaido home.  On a Winter Wildlife Photography Tour, the photo ops are potentially endless.  It’s time to make your reservation and join JDS this winter for the photo trip of a lifetime!

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