Waterfall Photography Tour
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Tuesday, November 27, 2018
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Why are waterfalls so often part of photography tours?  Waterfalls represent the ephemeral elements of nature and permanence of nature at the same time.  The water can come cascading down Osen-no-taki’s red rocks in Gunma Prefecture during three seasons, and then become a frozen spectacle photo op in the winter time.  The state of the water goes from ever flowing to frozen in time, and both forms make for amazing photographs.  Your Japan Dreamscapes (JDS) photo workshop leader will take you the best specimens that Japan offers and give you the opportunity to photograph them at different angles.


One amazing element of Japan is the sheer volume of government protected forested areas, and many of these forested areas are home to breathtaking waterfalls.  For example, in Hokkaido there is a waterfall called Garo Falls or ‘The Flying Dragon’ as it is known by the locals.  It is over 70 meters tall (almost 230 feet) and a must see for photographers who enjoy nature and the refreshing mist stemming from the waterfall’s powerful deluge.  During autumn, in Miyagi Prefecture, Akiu Great Falls are considered the most photogenic waterfall because of how perfectly the falls are framed by the autumn leaves changing color.  Your JDS photo tour leader knows the best angles to capture once in a life time photos and will make sure that you are getting the finest photos while on tour.


As part of several JDS tours, especially the Nikko Photo Tours, Kegon Falls in Tochigi Prefecture are considered to be the prototypical falls in Japan.  The towering falls stand out in contrast to the stark mountain-rock face with just an accent of greenery around the falls to make the free flowing water all the more spectacular.


The waterfalls are here; all that’s missing is you!

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