Tokyo Photo Tour by Day and Night
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Sunday, May 26, 2019
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Tokyo Evening Photo Tours are a part of Japan Dreamscapes (JDS) Pre-Autumn Photo Tour starting in September.  Tokyo is a city that never sleeps, and your photos will reflect some of the glowing neon from the towering shop signs that make up part of Tokyo’s glittering evening skyline.  With so much to see, you’ll need the guidance of your JDS Photography Workshop Leader to maximize your time spent in Japan’s capital to get the most amazing photos from the experience.  JDS Photo Tour Leaders have spent years enjoying Tokyo Night Photography Tours.  There is a saying that “All Roads Lead to Rome,” but in this case all the roads will lead you to amazing photo ops all over Tokyo, and even at night.


Your JDS Photo Tour Leaders have over 20 years experience traveling all over Japan with an uncountable number of hours spent patrolling metropolitan Tokyo and the cities nearby.  This JDS experience means that you will spend your time in the neighborhoods with the best photo ops and perhaps even be introduced to some new perspectives that you had never considered.


There are many photogenic locations that are made even more spectacular with a little hint from your JDS photo workshop leader and the natural surroundings in which they are placed.  For example, the Shibuya Pedestrian crossing is swarming with people by day going to work, yet before sunset, many of the modern day samurai are still committed to their office minutiae until well after dark.  The pedestrian crossing comes alive again with people in the evening and is complimented by the LED illumination encircling it.  A Tokyo Photo Tour will sparkle with the electronic billboards and the sea of humanity unfurling just below.


The Tokyo Bay has an evening cruise that will give you a unique point of view to enjoy amazing sites such as the Tokyo Tower, the Tokyo Sky Tree, or the unique Tokyo Rainbow Bridge.  Many people have photos from dry land, but on a Dreamscapes Tokyo Photo Tour, you will be able to take photos while enjoying the slowly changing scenery.  And, as with many other things, the Japanese have found a way to make an amazing experience even more wonderful.  If you would like to enjoy Japanese interpretations of French or Italian cuisine while on your cruise photo tour, you may!


Another amazing element of Tokyo by night is Tokyo Station.  It is the 5th most used of all the the Japan Railway stations, but that is not what has drawn JDS and other photographers to it.  The station retains much of its original facade from 1914 and maintains its simple brick style from the Taisho Era.  At night, the lights slowly flicker on in unison and illuminate the station among all of its new skyscraper neighbors.  The contrast of the station hemmed in by monoliths of steel and glass make it an excellent photo op and a must-see on any Tokyo Night photo workshop.


There are also small side streets hiding one of a kind shops and residences unlike any other place in the world.  Your JDS photography workshop leader will show you neighborhoods from ages long since past, or areas with a large infusion of shrines and temples ever so slightly nested between the soaring skyscrapers.

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