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Sunday, May 12, 2019
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Many people are planning their visit to Japan, specifically Tokyo ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games arriving next year.  Tokyo joins cities such as Paris, Berlin, and London as a city that has hosted the games more than once, and as a photographer you will come to understand the reason is that Tokyo is a cosmopolitan city just as its Olympic hosting brethren are and has a photo op which suits every type of photographer.


Japan Dreamscapes (JDS) Photo Tour Leaders specialize in off the beaten path locations which distinguishes us from other photography hosting organizations; however, we at JDS understand the appeal of locations in the Tokyo area that receive a lot of foot traffic.  In some cases, that sea of humanity is part of the location’s appeal.  Take, for example, the Shibuya Crossing, the busiest intersection in Japan and perhaps the world.  Modern day corporate samurais effortlessly negotiate the narrow capillaries created as thousands of people barely avoiding collision with the trademark Japanese precision.  Another well attended attraction your JDS Photography Workshop Guide will lead you on an illuminated adventure to see the two glistening beacons of the Tokyo Skyline, The Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree.  Shinjuku is yet another resplendent gem with thousands of LED lights and towering screens inviting you to capture one memorable image after another.


Harajuku is infamous for its costume players who resemble with precisely made clothing replicas of the anime character or manga superstar that they idolize.  On occasion, the player will re-enact their favorite scenes to help transport onlookers into the fantasy realm that has already mesmerized them.  You will have ample opportunity to engage with seemingly countless “cosplayers” as they are called and capture glimpses of contemporary Japan as you take your Tokyo Photo Tour with JDS.


As with other ultra-modern cities, some parts of the city are always active.  Your JDS Photo Workshop Leader knows where to take you to photographically document the parts of Tokyo that never rest.  Tokyo never rests, and you won’t be able to either.  The nighttime photography and the scintillating nightscapes will help you understand the city’s international appeal and value for photo ops for visiting clients.


There is something for everyone on a Tokyo Photo Tour!

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