Tokyo Cherry Blossom Photo Tours
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Friday, January 04, 2019
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Some people consider Ueno Park to be the premiere Tokyo Cherry Blossom Photo Tour viewing area for all of Japan.  The park has been popular since the 16th century for cherry blossom viewing, and the sakura trees are meticulously groomed and ready for your enjoyment.  Some of the park grounds have cherry blossoms so densely blossoming that the sky turns from azure to a brilliant pink with all the blossoms fluttering in the mild winds of spring.  The park has nearly 1,000 trees in more than 500,000 square meters of protected park land, so there will be ample photo ops for you, but the day only begins there.


Sumida Park is a must see location for cherry blossom viewing on any sakura photo tour.  Sumida is well-known for summer fireworks display, but the cherry blossoms offer a much different perspective than that of Ueno.  Sumida’s sakura tend to be a slightly lighter shade of pink.  Several views of the cherry blossoms have the Tokyo Sky Tree positioned right behind them, so you will be able to have two of Japan’s iconic images forever added to your photography memories.  Sumida Park also hosts a Tokyo Bay River Cruise which will allow you the opportunity to see a panoramic view of the entire park’s cherry blossoms.


Rikugien Gardens is also breathtaking for cherry blossom viewing.   The park was originally built in 1700s by the order of the 5th Shogun, Tsunayoshi Tokugawa. The park is dedicated to a very specific type of cherry blossoms, the weeping variety.  The weeping Japanese cherry blossom tress has become synonymous with Rikugien Gardens, and some trees reach a towering 15 meters in height.  In Japanese, the trees are called shibazakura, and they are especially spectacular in the blue hour as they are lit up in the park.  The park is open late just for photographers and other awestruck visitors can enjoy the weeping cherry blossoms well into the evening.  Once the sun sets, and the natural light fades, the weeping cherry blossom trees are light up to help you take beautiful evening images of the sakura.  After taking your last photo of the day, we will all check into our lodgings and prepare for one more day in Tokyo with the famous cherry blossoms.

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