Tohoku Cherry Blossom Photo Workshops
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Monday, January 21, 2019
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Shimoda Park is a treasured visit on any Tohoku Cherry Blossom Photo Workshop. Shimoda Park is an expansive natural area for you to commune with nature and take photos to commemorate your time spent with Aomori’s cherry blossoms.  Shimoda Park is constructed with balance of open space balanced with cherry blossoms in mind, and that is one element your photos will also reflect the natural equilibrium of the lush, green trees and forest area with cherry blossoms.  The paths are wide and allow you to pause and perfectly frame the best sakura photo.  However, if you would like to look down into the park, there is an observation tower at the top of a hill in the park that will allow you to take an amazing panorama photo, capturing all the beauty that Shimoda Park has to offer.


From Shimoda’s Park wide open areas, in a short transition you arrive in the Towada area.  The city’s government office is based on the main street, and it must be because of the inspiration that the cherry blossoms provide.  The cherry blossoms form a canopy of shiny, pink beauty with the sakura trees as their branches reach out across the thoroughfare, making the sun shine a rosy pink.  The entire walk is one kilometer long, but with so much beauty as far as the eye can see, the walk could take you hours to photograph and truly enjoy.  This street was selected as one of the best streets in Japan, and with all of your photos, we are sure you’ll agree with that distinction.


One last viewing and photography area combines culture, history, and the breathtaking sakura.  The cherry blossom photo tour leader has spent more than 20 years in Japan learning the culture and history of Japan, and the first thing you will know upon arriving at Sannohe Park is that the castle was formerly a possession of the Nanbu clan.  The castle and its grounds make the ideal compliment to the cherry blossoms that are planted all over the castle grounds.  You also won’t be able to miss the numerous monuments spread out over the grounds as a further dimension to your cherry blossom photography experience.  Your mind and your memory card will full with Japanese culture and history.

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