Tohoku Cherry Blossom Photo Tours - Miyagi
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Thursday, February 21, 2019
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Miyagi Prefecture is a centerpiece for many Tohoku Cherry Blossoms Photography Tours, and one location in particular stands out among others, the Shiroishi River.


The name of associated with this Cherry Blossom Treasure Trove in Japanese is ‘Hitome-Senbonzakua’ which translates to 1000 trees in one glance, but you will definitely want to view this sakura bonanza more than once!  The cherry blossom trees bloom along the sides of the river.  The type of blossom is a subtle pink almost appearing white, but with closer examination, you will see the blush of pink accenting these glorious sakura.  Japan Dreamscapes Photo Tour Leaders have spent many spring seasons poring over different regions in Tohoku for Cherry Blossom Photography Tours, and the Shiroishi River repeatedly came up as one of Tohoku’s most awe-inspiring bloom.


The blossoms are so remarkable that the local trains that run near the cherry blossoms grove actually account for slowing down on the tracks as they pass the sakura spectacle because they too understand the natural appeal.  The crown jewel of this Tohoku Cherry Blossom Photography Workshop is Mt. Zao in the background.  The mountain during spring is often dusted with snow, trying so effortfully to retain some of the winter’s cool temperatures near its peak.  You will have the delicate cherry blossoms tinted pink in the foreground, and the robust figure of the snow-capped Mt. Zao watching over the sakura.  These photos will be amazing and capture the essence of Japan.


During the peak of the season, you may also enjoy local delicacies while you partake of once in a lifetime photos.  And if you would like to see the trees lit up during the evening hours, that is also a possibility.  The cherry blossoms will be ready, all that’s needed is you!

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