Takayama’s Overflowing Beauty
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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Some feel that winter photo tours are strictly the domain of cosmopolitan cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto, but just off the beaten path, you can join your Japan Dreamscapes (JDS) Photo Tour leader and enjoy Takayama’s overflowing beauty and landscapes.


Takayama not only has beautifully maintained Edo period buildings, but it is also host to many ancient Japanese sites and temples making it a repository of Japan’s rich cultural history.


The first must see location is the Nakabashi bridge.  It glistens a rich vermillion and becomes a perfect center focus for photos with the snow-covered city and onsens that surround it.  During the winter, woman clad in their winter kimonos can be photographed crossing the bridge either to their residence or to one of the aforementioned hot springs or traditional Japanese hotels known as ryokans.


Another amazing photo op are the kura (or mud brick in English) houses that distributed throughout the area.  They are set apart from the standard wooden home because they have a very distinctive façade and construction.  The craftsmen used kura because of its fire resistance and sturdiness.  Don’t worry about missing them on your photo tour adventure because your JDS photo tour leader will use his or her years of experience in Japan to make sure you get the pictures you desire, and there are a few of the kura houses that you can actually enter, so be prepared for photo ops from both outside and inside as well.


Takayama is also known for its toothsome delights.  Nature provides all the delicious culinary delights you desire.  You will not have to catch the wasakana, river fish, or herd the local cattle, which yields Hida Beef, thought to rival the famous wagyu variety because all these foods will be brought to you on the photo tour of Japan.  If you feel the need to warm yourself further, there is both soba and udon served in a hearty broth with warmed saké on the side to help generate some warmth so you can venture out into Takayama and take more gallery quality photos.

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