Southern Hokkaido Birding Photo Tours
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Monday, March 04, 2019
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Southern Hokkaido Birding Photography Workshops showcase the treasure that is Japan’s north island.


At the intersection of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk is a small peninsula called Cape Nosappu, the eastern most part of Japan open to the public.  It also is home to an amazing non-birding related photo op, the oldest Lighthouse in Hokkaido - constructed in 1872.  The area also represent some opportunities during a Hokkaido Birding Photo Tour to see some international maritime crafts, as the proximity to the Kuril Islands means Russian Boat patrols throughout the region.


Japan Dreamscapes Photography Tour Leaders recommend the period between November to April to maximize the amount of different species you’ll be exposed to while you are on your Birding Photography Workshop.  The Steller’s Sea Eagle is often sighted off the coast of the peninsula in the drift ice hunting for its next prey late December through to March.  One visiting birder during a one-day expedition to the cape documented over 50 species in one day.  Among the birds he documented were: Grey Heron, Black-eared Kite, Glaucous Gull, Whooper Swan, Harlequin Duck, Oriental Greenfinch, and many others.


One all star in the region is the Red-faced Cormorant.  Due to its proximity to the Kuril Islands, the cormorants are frequent visitors to the peninsula.  Although still under conservation concern due to its small yet rising numbers, the birds are breathtaking to behold.  The adult birds boast an almost aquamarine plumage with mainly white for the rest of its body with, of course, orange or red around the eyes which gives the bird its title.


For this small piece of Hokkaido, it is a birding paradise.  Come join us on a Hokkaido Birding Photo Tour and witness the majesty with your own eyes.

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