Shimmering Mt. Tsurumi Photography
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Sunday, November 18, 2018
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Across a narrow channel from the main island, Honshu, is Kyushu, the main south island in Japan.  Close to the eastern coast, only 45 minutes from the city Beppu, is shimmering Mt. Tsurumi with plentiful photo ops for your winter photo tour.


The peak of Mt. Tsurumi can be reached two different ways, either by using the ropeway then walking another 15 - 20 minutes depending on your pace, of you could hike to the peak from the mountain’s base in about 2 hours.  If the conditions permit, your Japan Dreamscapes (JDS) photo tour specialist will recommend the longer route because of all the magnificent winter landscapes that you can enjoy from the winding paths leading around the mountain face to its pinnacle.  


One element that Mt. Tsurumi is known for and that makes for dazzling photography is hoarfrost.  When plant life such as trees, ferns, or grass have water coating them, once the sun goes down, the moisture in the air collects, and once the temperature is low enough, the shimmering hoarfrost forms.  Once the temperature rises above freezing, the hoarfrost loses some of its luster and mystery, but don’t worry, your JDS photography tour leader will make sure you have the chance to take gallery worthy photos.  Also, once on the peak, you’ll have the best opportunity, especially on a clear day, to enjoy a panoramic view of Kyushu, being able to see as far as the Kuju mountain range which is almost 60 kilometers inland.  You also have viewing access to Beppu and all the onsens that Beppu holds.


Beppu is where you would go after your Kyushu winter photo tour to relax.  It is a city famous for its variety of onsen experiences.  Beyond the traditional hot springs, there are mud baths, sand baths, and steam baths!  If you feel like adding in some photography to your relaxation, you can tour the Hells of Beppu which are for viewing enjoyment only.  They are so scaldingly hot, that photography and photo tours are the safe ways to enjoy them.

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