Photographing Oiran Dochu Tour
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Thursday, January 17, 2019
By Japan Dreamscapes
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The Japanese Cherry Blossom Tour is so popular based on capturing the iconic sakura, but the question is then what can make the cherry blossom tour even more spectacular?  The answer is simple, the Oiran.


The Oiran Dochu Procession was originally held in Bunsui, Niigata.  The same area is called Tsubame in present day Niigata Prefecture.  Tsubame is famous for metallurgical marvels, but this is an photographic appeal of an entirely different type.  Rather than the glimmering of metal, the attraction is the immaculately dressed three Oiran with their 70 attendants that make up the full procession.


Oiran were formerly courtesans, providing primarily entertainment, which required them to learn skills such as tea ceremony, calligraphy, and flower arranging.  In their present incarnation, the three Oiran that constitute the core of the procession are presented as a beautiful spectacle for you to enjoy a culturally rich photo op in Niigata Prefecture.


The Oiran wear wooden sandals that are 15 centimeters tall, so their progress down the main thoroughfare is slow and methodical, perfect for you to have your Japan Dreamscapes Photography Workshop Leader help you find the best locations to get close up photographs of the three women and their retinue of assistants.  Not just the Oiran but their kimono-clad apprentices, reminiscent of Shinto Maidens, will also be walking close by completing a positively magical shot of apprentices, Oiran, bodyguards, and cherry blossoms.

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