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Wednesday, May 08, 2019
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Niigata Photo Tours benefit from the prefecture being so expansive in its scope.  The Joetsu-Myoko Area is situated in the southwest of the prefecture, and is one of the many locations that shares in the stunning natural landscapes and the rich culture that is individual to Niigata prefecture.


One aspect of Niigata’s climate makes more amazing landscape photography.  That key element is humidity.  The climate in Niigata makes for the most delicious rice that entire nation has to offer, and your Japan Dreamscapes (JDS) Photography Workshop Guide has spent more than 20 years exploring the beautiful rice fields and knows the value of that natural photo op for visiting photographers.


Toka-machi is home to the famous Japanese Rice Terraces, and during your Japan Photo Tour, your JDS Photo Tour Leader will lead you to the best locations to enjoy the glassy, shining beauty that is the rice terraces during the blue and golden hours of photography.  The experience of seeing fog intimately settling onto the rice terraces and providing spectacular photo ops will allow you take once in a lifetime photos while you visit the Joetsu-Myoko Region of Niigata.


Another factor that distinguishes Niigata from other prefectures are adaptations in architecture brought about by being in the ‘Snow Country’ where the snow falls thick and fast during the mid-winter months.  Gangi are a common sight in Niigata cities with high amounts of snow.  Gangi are eaves that extend beyond the reach of the house over the sidewalk, a necessity for safe commuting among the local residents.  There are similar architectural developments in nearby snowy prefectures, but Niigata’s gangi have their own personality and deserve their own photographic records.


Another Niigata architectural marvel is how the local builders adapted to the snow while constructing homes.  The machiya, or town house has a narrow entrance but spreads out at the rear, modesty for its outward appearance but spacious enough to host the entire family within the confines of its commonly earthen walls.  As the traditions for house construction veer towards a modern aesthetic, photo ops of the more traditional style are becoming more and more rare.  During your Niigata Photo Tour, make sure to document at least one excursion with your JDS Photo Tour Leader.

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