Nagano’s Beautiful Highlands Photography
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Tuesday, November 13, 2018
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Nagano’s beautiful highlands make for amazing photography. In every season.  At present, if you joined a photo tour, you could enjoy the over 400 varieties of alpine wildflowers that grace the expansive plains that make up the plateau as well as the spectacular autumn leaves changing color.


As winter arrives, Utsukushigahara, the aptly named beautiful field, the trees forgo their leaves and winter’s embrace glazes the plateau with glistening snow, and the 2000 meter high fields are shrouded in a mystic fog that creates a surreal property you may capture with your camera.  The beautiful fields were so spellbinding and the misty cover so thorough, that an old bell tower still remains in field to call aid just in case visitors lose their bearings.  Fear not, your Japan Dreamscapes (JDS) photography workshop leader will make sure you safely navigate the highlands.


If you feel you want to photograph more, then Utsukushigahara, on a clear day supplies one of the rarest panorama sights that Japan can offer.  To the west, Mt. Yari; to the east, Mt. Asama, and to the south Mt. Kitadake and Japan’s iconographic Mt. Fuji.  When visible, all the mountain ranges will strike you with awe as you take in their natural beauty and unparalleled photographs.  Any Japan Dreamscapes Tour including this beautiful highlands means memories you will always treasure.


One more must see location while visiting Utsukushigahara is the symbol of the plateau itself, Utsugushi-no-to, the stone tower.  No bus or car can reach this symbol, so for this photo op, leave the orienteering to your JDS photo tour guide, and you’ll have one more unforgettable photograph and experience to enjoy while visiting Nagano’s Beautiful Highlands

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