Motsuko Fujisan Autumn Leaves Photography
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Wednesday, March 06, 2019
By Japan Dreamscapes
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When visiting Japan for a Mt. Fuji Photography Tour, photographers with little knowledge of Fujisan take pictures of iconic Mt. Fuji as well as the most widely publicized of the Fuji Five Lakes, Kawaguchiko.  However, the Japan Dreamscapes (JDS) Photo Workshop Leaders pride themselves on introducing clients to all of the Fuji Five Lakes while visiting the Fuji area on photo tours.


Part of what sets JDS apart is taking clients off the beaten path, and that is one thing that Lake Motosu is.  At times, breathtaking photo ops are sitting in plain sight yet undiscovered.  If you glance down at the 1,000 yen bank notes in your billfold, you will see a landscape photo of Motosuko and Mt. Fuji depicted there.  It is a location so amazing that the Japanese people have not used it once but twice on their currency.  You can make it a personal goal to record your own memento of your Mt. Fuji Autumn Leaves Photo Tour by taking a once in a lifetime photo of the same location, recapturing the same magic.


Lake Motosuko is an arborists paradise.  Of course there will be ample Japanese Maple trees lining the perimeter of the lake for you to photography and enjoy the seasonal aesthetics of the area surrounding Lake Motosuko.  There are also cherry trees for enjoyment in the spring, as well as Lacquer and Beech Trees.  One more rarer specimen exists native to a very small region in Asia and a select part of Russia, the Japanese Rowan.  During the autumn, the leaves sometimes change to a deep purple, lending an accent to the gold, orange, and reds of the Japanese Maples of the area and elevating your photos to gallery worthy.  Your JDS Photography Workshop Leader will help you find the best photos for your excursion to Mt. Fuji and Lake Motosuko during your Mt. Fuji Autumn Leaves Photo Tour.

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