Morioka Shrine & Temple Photo Tours
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Sunday, February 03, 2019
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Morioka, a flagship city in the Tohoku Region, is a must see location for a those interested in Japanese culture and a Shrine & Temple Photo Tour.


A short walk from the station, there are more temples than you could hope to visit in a day, perhaps even a week.  Your Japan Dreamscapes (JDS) Photography Workshop Leader will have pre-selected which she thinks will make the best photo ops for your visit to Morioka’s Temple Street, but an important part of any Japan Photography Workshop is feedback from the client.


One of the most noteworthy shrines in a Morioka exploration is Mitsuishi Shrine.  The shrine is tied to the legend of how the prefecture received its name.  ‘Iwate’, the prefecture, is literally translated to ‘Rock Hand’, and the shrine’s rock garden plays a large role in the annual Morioka Festival.  If you would like to know more about the history of the prefecture and the story, ask your JDS Photography Tour Leader so you can sample some of the local culture while taking spectacular shrine and temple photos.  The large rocks and statues surrounding the temples all make for amazing photos, and you will also enjoy learning about the history of the Tohoku Region.


Hoonji Temple is another temple you have to visit while in Morioka.  As you set foot on the path leading into the temple, the ambient noise of the city quickly fades away, as it seems as if you have entered a magical realm of peace and tranquility.  Photos inside the temple are not allowed, but the majestic gate crafted nearly 400 years ago by 9 of the finest sculptors from Kyoto will give you pause.  There is always mysticism tied to to temples with such a rich history.  The folklore is that there are 500 disciples that occupy the main body of the temple, each with a distinct expression and pose.  On your Shrine & Temple Photo Tour, will you be able to catalogue each of them?  Your JDS Photography Tour Leader will not let you miss any part of the gate, grounds, or the temple itself, making sure your voyage to Hoonji Temple is one you will remember forever.


With just these two temples, you get a small sense of what Morioka and its temples and shrines have to offer.  Why not join a Japan Photo Tour and then get the entire story and take pictures that will cement your once in a lifetime experience?

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