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Sunday, January 06, 2019
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Tokyo Cherry Blossom Photography Tours should always include the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.  Japan Dreamscapes Photography Tour Leaders have spent years exploring Tokyo and its surrounding areas in search of the most breathtaking sakura, and we think Shinjuku Gyoen is a photo op paradise.  The garden has an overall circumference of more than three kilometers and many different species of sakura to enjoy, so you will be able to photograph the various states of cherry blossoms from first bud to full bloom.  The park also holds several souvenir booths as well as sweets with a cherry blossom theme.  You will be able to take small breaks between all the beautiful shutter chances that Shinjuku Gyoen Park provides with recharging cherry blossom accented snacks.  The park has many cherry blossoms to photograph, but it also has beautiful trees, shrubs, and other greenery thoughtfully coordinated on the park’s expansive open areas to allow for amazing landscape photography with your sakura at the center.


Yoyogi Park is the another recommended stop on a Japan Dreamscapes Cherry Blossom Photo Tour adventure.  Yoyogi Park is quite popular among Tokyo residents because of how easy it is to access from Shinjuku as well as Shibuya.  Instead of walking the large park, you may enjoy photographing the amazing sakura trees while seated and participating in ‘hanami’, or cherry blossom viewing.


Megurogawa, or Meguro River, represents a change of pace from the other destinations in Tokyo.  Meguro River stretches for nearly four kilometers, but this is no parkland per se.  Lanterns decorate the riverside and flicker on at sunset, providing the perfect backdrop for your Meguro Riverside cherry blossom photos.  And if you would like to sit and contemplate the beauty of the Megurogawa sakura, you can enjoy a moment’s rest at one of the many cafés or restaurants. 

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