Lake Hyoko & Niigata Photography Workshop
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Saturday, January 26, 2019
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Niigata Photography Workshops benefit from the abundance of nature that covers the prefecture in all directions.  It is one of the reasons why Niigata Prefecture is such a photogenic area.  Photo ops abound from the Cherry Blossoms Tours in the spring in areas such as Joetsu’s Takada Castle or Hakusan Shrine close to downtown Niigata to the mineral rich onsen waters in Iwamuro.  Nature is everywhere in Niigata.


Lake Hyoko is another example of Niigata’s natural appeal.  It’s expansive more than 250 hectares national park area means there are nearly uncountable possible perspectives to for capturing breathtaking photographs.  The lake has its origins in the Edo Period, with history dating back nearly 500 years when it was first used for local irrigation for the surrounding area.  The Japanese Government has recognized it as a valuable natural area and Lake Hyoko and its surrounding area is now a protected natural area.


That same area is a perfect spot for birding in Niigata.  White swans are the main migratory inhabitant during the winter, but they are not the only birds that make use of Lake Hyoko.  Niigata has the benefit of being on the migratory route as birds fly south to enjoy the comparatively warmer winter of Niigata, Japan.  That being said, some of the most remarkable photo ops are when the weather takes a turn for the colder and the migratory swans can be seen gliding across the frozen lake, not swimming but almost prowling along the icy countenance of the lake.  Your Japan Dreamscapes Photo Tour Leader has logged many hours chasing the perfect photo of swans or the other avian visitors to Lake Hyoko, so he will be able to help you get to the best positions to take photos you’ll never forget.


You will be up before dawn so you and your JDS Photo Workshop Guide will be ready for that precise moment when the swans stir and take flight to nearby fields to forage for the remains of the most delicious crop Niigata offers, koshi hikari rice.  Your JDS Photography Tour Leader will return at the end of the day with you and with the swans and other birds so you can bookend your day spent in Niigata with amazing birding photographs.

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