Japanese White-Eye on Cherry Blossom Photo Tours
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Tuesday, December 25, 2018
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Cherry Blossom Photo Tours have more appeals than the cherry blossoms themselves.  Birding can also be a part of your Japan Dreamscapes (JDS) photo tour experience.


The Japanese White-eye or Mejiro is a common sight during sakura season in Japan.  Not restricted to one specific areas, the Mejiro can been seen during almost any extended photography of an area with a large amount of cherry blossoms and the sweet nectar they produce.


Japanese White-eyes are the perfect contrast to the pink or white cherry blossoms.  Their bodies are olive with a cream or heather grey underbelly.  Its wings are dark brown, but they have distinctive outline of the same sleek olive that covers its back and some of its head.  The mejiro is often mistaken for the Japanese uguisu, or the bush warbler, but due to the white ring of its namesake, you can always tell which visitor is coming to add a little green to your cherry blossom photo ops.


Your JDS photography workshop leader knows some of the best locations for combining Japanese White-eye, cherry blossoms, and other elements to create spectacular photos.  For example, Sumida Park has several views of the cherry blossoms with the Tokyo Sky Tree positioned right behind them, so you will be able to have three of Japan’s iconic images forever added to your photography memories.

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