Iwate Cherry Blossom Photo Tours
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Sunday, March 03, 2019
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Tohoku Cherry Blossom Tours include Iwate mainly because of the Kitakami River and the Avenue of Cherry Blossoms that occupy the riverside.


Starting before the Sangobashi bridge and continuing to the confluence with the Waga River, the glamorous cherry blossoms adorn the entire path between the two destinations.  Usually from the beginning to the middle of April, the sakura are in full bloom on this path, presenting you with photo ops that will never be quite the same again.  The blossoms come every year, but as the Japan Dreamscapes (JDS) Photography Workshop Leaders know, the cherry blossoms are just a little different every year.  They represent the ephemeral beauty of Japan, their delicate, rich beauty on display for just a short time for you to enjoy and record with your camera.


There are some elements that set the Tenshochi Park and the Kitakami River apart from other Tohoku Cherry Blossom Tours.  A frequent yet distinctive element of the Kitakami River Sakura Photo Tour are the Carp Shaped Streamers that enhance the existing beauty of the cherry blossoms.  Not only do you have the fluttering pink petals of the cherry blossoms to photograph, but you also benefit from the shimmering streamers representing another part of Japan’s culture, the carp.  Called ‘koi’ in Japan, the fish is believed to transform into a noble dragon, just as the cherry trees transform every spring as they sprout their noble blossom for all to behold.


The experience of your JDS Photo Tour Leader comes into play as they will recommend that you change your perspective while taking in the riverside sakura.  There are ferry boats that leisurely stroll the length of the Kitakami River at a pace just a bit faster than walking so you can savor the beauty and majesty of the cherry blossoms from the deck.  If you would prefer to ride a carriage as samurai and other nobility once did, there is also that option available to you, yet one more point of view from which to appreciate Iwate’s cherry blossom photo tour.

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