Inner Tainai Photography Workshop
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Monday, January 28, 2019
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Joining an Inner Tainai Photography Workshop means one thing, nature.  Tainai is a city that has two distinct faces, the pleasant, pastoral town nestled away among the mountains and countryside and what is referred to as ‘Okutainai’ or the deep, less domesticated part of the city.


Okutainai is where the experienced eye of your Japan Dreamscapes Photography Tour Leader will be most helpful.  There are several routes traversing several kilometers through the thick underbrush in the sweeping grassland that make up the Okutainai.  Your JDS Photo Guide will take you just off the beaten path to capture some of the rarer birds occupying the lush forest that surrounds you.


The verdant alpine landscapes will refresh you as you explore and are able to take photos of birds such as the Eurasian Treecreeper, Eurasian Nuthatch, the Blue & White Flycatcher, and the Narcissus Flycatcher.  All these birds spend the summer inhabiting the area, and with carefully executed expeditions, you can capture photographic evidence of all these birds.


Hodgson’s Hawk-Eagle will not be excluded from the menagerie of avian life that inhabit the green canopy of Okutainai.  Their wingspans reach up to 175 cm.  They are truly remarkable to behold, and you may have your photo op as they patrol the forest looking for their next prey.


There is one more remarkable and almost magical bird that the local residents call ‘The Phantom’.  Although not an aggressive raptor, the Ruddy Kingfisher’s bright plumage set it apart from the rest of its winged brethren.  JDS cannot promise that you will see this bird due to its rarity, but if anyone can help capture this phantom bird on film, it will be Japan Dreamscapes.


Okutainai has a very limited window of opportunity during the summer, so contact us now to make your reservation.

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