Hokkaido’s All-Inclusive Winter Birding Photo Tour
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Sunday, April 21, 2019
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Hokkaido Winter Photo Tours are always breathtaking, especially so in the winter.  The Japan Dreamscapes Photo Tour Leaders have spent years exploring Japan’s north island and have learned about several locations to highlight during Japan Photo Tours.  Certain trees and low-lying foliage quickly give in to the snow and strong winds and go into hiding for the entire season, but others take a different approach, standing tall in response to the Siberian gales that blow during winter on Hokkaido.  It is from these subjects that once in a lifetime photos ops arise.


Hokkaido is home to several unique shutter chances such as the Blue Pond or “Biei Blue” which is immensely popular among visiting tourists and photographers.  The evening is the best time to enjoy the cobalt blue water as it is illuminated by spotlight, making the pond’s complexion shimmer even brighter than without the illumination.  Lake Kussharo also holds similarly magnetic blue water which sometimes are blessed with natural designs across its frozen surface called ‘Omiwatari’.  Whooper swans have also been known to use the lake as part of their migratory path, so you may be able to capture immaculate landscapes and scintillating natural beauty as well.


Hokkaido is also considered Japan’s Natural Treasure Trove.  Many species of wildlife thrive there, and Hokkaido is also home to unparalleled landscapes.  For example, the Kushiro Wetlands have been recognized as a natural asset and then declared a national park, and it was further converted to protective status to support the Japanese Cranes during their annual migration.  The Otowashi Bridge is another famous spot on Hokkaido Photo Tours for photographing the Red-crowned Cranes as they take a moment’s respite before rejoining their formidable journey.  From the blue hour to the golden hour, the cranes can be seen awakening and readying themselves for flight, and once the return, you can capture them again in the evening before dusk.


For the more rugged, Lake Rausu awaits.  Because so few people visit and trek its six kilometer perimeter, the lake has been called the ‘Lake of Illusion’.  We at JDS think the nickname has been applied for an entirely different reason.  The photos of the Steller’s Sea Eagles and Japanese cranes will be so wondrous that you will think that you have entered a dream realm where you hold sway over nature as you snap picture after picture, every one gallery worthy.


Another casket of treasure resides in the caldera of Akan National Park.  Lake Mashuko is considered to be the clearest lake in the world.  Gazing wistfully into the reflective waters of Lake Mashuko, you can see the beauty of the natural surroundings and capture it to relive your dreamscape adventure whenever you look upon your photographic record or your Hokkaido Winter Tour.  Even if the lake is shrouded in fog, it still represents a conjuration of paradise brought to Hokkaido.


These are only some of the dreamscapes that Hokkaido has to offer, but perhaps you are listening to a different natural calling.  Contact us at Japan Dreamscapes and share what your Hokkaido Winter Tour dream looks like, and we’ll do our best to make it a reality.

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