Happy New Year from Japan Dreamscapes
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Monday, December 31, 2018
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Happy New Year and out best wishes for a prosperous and fulfilling 2019!  Everyone at Japan Dreamscapes (JDS) couldn’t enjoy traveling around and partaking in photo tours all over Japan without you, and we’re very thankful for your continued support into next year.


At then end of the year, everyone at JDS takes stock of the experiences and photo tours that we remember the most, that made the most impact on us.  Next year being the Year of Boar is not lost on us, and as we reflect on the amazing wildlife that we can photograph on Hokkaido Photography Tours, Whooper Swans, Sika Deer, White-tail Eagle, the Red-tail Fox, and the myriad others.  


Then we start looking forward to the sakura that blossom every spring and add their fleeting beauty to our lives as something we look forward to at the beginning of every year once winter relents.  Mt. Fuji always makes its way into our memories.  2018 was a spectacular year for visiting Mt. Fuji, and we are looking forward to discovering new perspectives for Japan’s iconic peak into 2019.  


New Year’s also means it’s time to think about resolutions.  We at JDS have started to think about what we can do to improve ourselves and our experiences, specifically trying to introduce as many people as possible to the beauty of Japan so we can share the experience of chasing the light and capturing once in a lifetime photos.  

We resolve to provide you an experience that will always treasure in 2019, so why not make your New Year’s Resolution to join us on a photo adventure and see Japan as you never have before?

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