Cherry Blossom Photography Tour
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Friday, November 30, 2018
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Cherry Blossom Photography Tours offer the best elements that Japan has to offer. However, some photographers say that once you have taken a certain number of photos of a particular subject that you never have to take that photo again having accomplished what you initially set out to do, take what you think is the best photograph.


We at Japan Dreamscapes (JDS) feel that although the cherry blossoms and Spring Cherry Blossom Photography Tours should be experienced as many times as possible.  The cherry blossoms that flourish this year will be unlike any other, and the emotions provoked by a certain season’s blossoms can never be replicated again.  This is the ephemeral nature of photography and photo tours.  Once the blossoms jut forth, reach their peak bloom and then fall to the earth, they will never come again.  Even the following year, there will be nothing quite the same.


It’s that never-ending search for the most breathtaking photo that motivates us as JDS to keep our cameras close and to constantly chase the light, feelings, and enlightenment that blossoms as seen in this newsletter’s photo provide.  The beauty of photography and photo tours is chasing is that moment when every separate element of a photo comes together and coalesces to create the magical once in a life time photo.

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