Cherry Blossom Photo Tour
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Wednesday, December 19, 2018
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Cherry blossoms photo tours carry added significance due to the fact that they are one of Japan’s cultural emblems.  Every year during the spring, many photographers ranging from casual to professional schedule a special trip to their favorite ‘hanami’ or cherry blossoms viewing spot with camera in hand to capture that year’s blossoms.


Your Japan Dreamscapes Photography Tour Leader knows that cherry blossoms bloom at different times, and although the previous year’s sakura flourished at a certain time, the whimsies of weather and climate mean nothing can be taken for granted.  Over 20 years of experience pursuing the perfect photo on a Cherry Blossom Tour means having a plan for when the cherry blossoms are being fickle in a certain area.  Less than 10 km away, the conditions surrounding the cherry blossoms mean they will be in full bloom and the perfect photo op.


Why does the sakura hold so much significance?  Part of the appeal is their common association with clouds as part of a natural cycle, similar to clouds, the cherry blossoms existence seems so capricious.  The sakura bud, bloom, and then release their leaves on a very short timetable giving the perfect photo op for a small window of time.  Also, clouds are heavily influenced by the wind and climate, just as the cherry blossom is.  One amazing element is how the cherry blossom resembles clouds with how they bloom.  Cherry blossoms bloom in clusters, almost appearing as a cloud does seemingly from nothing.  Is there any question why they are so appealing?  Chasing the perfect cherry blossom photo on a photo workshop is a JDS specialty, and we have several options in mind to help you take that once in a lifetime sakura photo.

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