Birding on Niigata Photo Tours
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Thursday, January 24, 2019
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Niigata Photography Workshops have many appeals, and one of them is nature.  At Sakata Park in the center of Niigata Prefecture, numerous different elements of nature coalesce into one amazing natural spectacle.


Sakata Park’s appeal seems like pieces of a natural jigsaw puzzle.  The first element is Kakudayama.  Standing at approximately 500 meters tall, it has enough height to give sweet relief with enough elevation to considerably reduce the high summer temperatures.  It also makes an amazing backdrop for pictures taken on your Niigata Photo Tour.


The second piece of the puzzle is the two adjacent lagoons.  The provide precisely the type of wetland that migratory birds enjoy roosting while navigating their winter route.  The size of the lagoons is large enough to catch the attention of the migratory birds yet small enough to offer an intimate setting for birding photographers.  Make no mistake, Sakata Park and Lagoon is an off the beaten path destination, and your Japan Dreamscapes Photography Tour Leader will get you to the most advantageous locations to capture the once in a lifetime photos of the nature and wildlife that is held in Niigata Prefecture.


The final and most photogenic piece is the birds themselves.  Sakata Park is home to several different species of birds such as ducks, some local to Niigata prefecture.  However, the largest attraction has to be the swans.  To escape the bitter Siberian winters, the swans head to warmer climes and congregate at Sakata’s Natural Reserve, and at the right time with the assistance of a JDS Photography Tour Guide, you can capture breathtaking photos while visiting Niigata on your photo tour.

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