Alpine Photo Tour - Mt. Adatara, Fukushima
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Wednesday, March 13, 2019
By Japan Dreamscapes
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Fukushima Prefecture hold more photo experiences that Goshiki-numa.  For the more autumn leaves minded photo enthusiast, there is Mt. Adatara.  Having seen the multi-colored ponds, during the autumn, you can add the breathtaking rolling hills in this part of Fukushima.


Mt. Adatara is part of the Mt. Bandai mountain chain, a dormant volcano, almost nearly from Nihonmatsu city to the East and Inawashiro city to the west.  At nearly 2,000 meters tall, you can benefit from shinrin yoku, or forest healing as you trek up the easily-graded paths and marvel at the breathtaking autumn leaves around you.  This particular destination, although well-known inside the prefecture, is not often visited by Japan residents.  As such, the spot is relatively untouched allowing you to take spectacular photos of the mountain during your Japan Photography Workshop.  Famous author and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson claimed in his 1836 essay “Nature,” that ”in the woods…I feel that nothing can befall me…which nature cannot repair.”  You will undoubtedly feel the same restorative properties that Emerson mentions as you periodically stop and enjoy the photo ops that Mt. Adatara provides.


Perhaps you’re a bit worried about which path to take on your Fukushima Photo Adventure, but leave all your concerns to Japan Dreamscapes (JDS) Photography.  We will make sure you are expertly guided through the various paths on the mountainside providing you with the best photo ops Mt. Adatara has to offer, and because you set the pace on the photo tour, you are allowed to choose the rigorousness with which you will tackle the tour.


The rich and lustrous blanketing of autumn colors form a natural quilt, fabricated from the most remarkable autumn colors that Fukushima Prefecture has to offer.  Join a Fukushima Photo Tour with JDS and enjoy a once in a life autumn leaves photo tour experience.

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